Partnership with Cross Creek Ministries is an avenue through which you can declare your commitment to build and maintain relationships with other ministry partners in sharing the vision, purpose, and values of Cross Creek Ministries.

Partnership begins with prayer about what God is doing in your life and the relationship He wants you to have with Cross Creek Church. As God leads you, we invite you to attend the next Discovering Cross Creek Ministries event. After completing the event, and prayerful consideration, if you believe God has called you to become a partner, you may fill out the Partnership Form. The senior pastor will contact you once your form has been submitted.

Partnership involves the exchange of faithfulness between you and Cross Creek Ministries. In this exchange, we endeavor to:

• Pray for God’s blessings on your life
• Minister to you in person as well as through worship services, effective ministries, and multimedia products
• Communicate with you on a regular basis
• Be good stewards with all that God has entrusted us

We extend ... our faith with you in that you will
• Attend worship service regularly
• Pray weekly for the ministry and the advancement of the Kingdom of God
• Be doers of the Word
• Prayerfully consider a committed involvement in an area of ministry
• Support the ministry as God has blessed you with His gifts
To enroll in the next Discovering Cross Creek event, please contact the senior pastor